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  1. Walk, Stretch, and Rest

    Jan 20

    Posted in Safety

    Walk, Stretch, and Rest

    Use your 30 minute break to walk, stretch and rest to relieve the wear and tear on your body from driving and to reduce the risk of injury.

    Additionally you should maintain good posture, and make sure the driver’s seat is properly adjusted.

    Consider investing in ergonomic items offering back support.

  2. No Unapproved Heating or Cooking Sources

    Although it is nice to have the light, heat and smell of a candle and the heat from other sources, our offices and well as are trucks are not equipped to be the place for use of these items. We have had incidents in both our offices as well as our trucks by use of devices that have a flame. No device that uses a flame either open like a candle or enclosed like a propane heater is allowed to be used in our trucks or offices. All other heating devices (non flame) used in either location must be of limited use, approved by maintenance and have an auto shutoff feature.


    **The shop areas are allowed use of propane devices as authorized by shop manager.

  3. Patience and Attitude

    Jan 18

    Posted in Safety

    Patience and Attitude

    Be patient; do not let the behavior of others change your attitude about driving safely and making safe driving choices.



    In accordance with Section 392.16 of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR), all CMV drivers must be properly seat belted, including anyone in the passenger seat or sleeper berth, whenever the vehicle is in motion.

    The regulation states “No driver shall operate a commercial motor vehicle, and a motor carrier shall not require or permit a driver to operate a commercial motor vehicle, that has a seat belt assembly installed at the driver's seat unless the driver is properly restrained by the seat belt assembly.

    No driver shall operate a property-carrying commercial motor vehicle, and a motor carrier shall not require or permit a driver to operate a property-carrying commercial motor vehicle, that has seat belt assemblies installed at the seats for other occupants of the vehicle unless all other occupants are properly restrained by such seat belt assemblies.”

  5. On-Duty:Log It Right-Avoid Violation

    1) All time at a plant, terminal, facility, or other property of a motor carrier or shipper, or on any public property - waiting to be dispatched, unless the driver has been relieved from duty by the motor carrier;

    2) All time performing Pre-Trip, Post trip or any type of inspection, servicing, or conditioning any CMV at any time;

    3) All time loading or unloading a CMV, supervising, or assisting in the loading or unloading, attending a CMV being loaded or unloaded, remaining in readiness to operate the CMV, or in giving or receiving receipts for shipments loaded or unloaded;

    4) All time repairing, obtaining assistance, or remaining in attendance upon a disabled CMV;

    5) All time spent on shoulder of road or ramp (only for emergency breakdown, emergency medical, or pulled over by an officer); this includes Roadside Inspections, issuance of a warning or citation;

    6) All time spent when stopped at DOT weigh/inspection station; this includes time put Out-of-Service (unless officer and motor carrier gives written permission to go Off Duty/Sleeper Berth).

    7) All time spent providing a breath sample or urine specimen, including travel time to and from the collection site, to comply with the random, reasonable suspicion, post-crash, or follow-up testing required when directed by a motor carrier;

    8) Performing any other work in the capacity, employ, or service of motor carrier.

    Log it as it happens and include the remarks!

    Also make sure you are filling in and editing the LOAD Information before you move.Press the Hours of Service/VIR button, LOAD tab is on the far right.

  6. The January 2017 edition of the Super Service Newsletter is now available!

  7. We are currently seeking an aggressive, experienced, self starting Inside Sales Rep for our brokerage/logistics division in Lakeland, FL.  The ideal candidate will have a proven track record of growing business, 3 or more years brokerage sales experience, and excellent customer service skills. The position is responsible for prospecting new customers, growing brokerage customer accounts, and booking freight.  If interested, send your resume to:

  8. We are currentlly looking for an Accounts Payable Specialist for our corporate office in Grand Rapids, MI. The ideal candidate will have at least 3 years high-volume accounts payable experienc, month-end AP accrual experience, high degree of 10 key speed and accuracy, and experience with Microsoft Word and Excel. The candidate will also be utilized in payroll and billing as needed.  If interested, send your resume to:

  9. Super Service Receives Lowe’s Outstanding Service Award

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  10. Concerning all Super Service LLC employee’s currently enrolled or who have been enrolled in the past in our Medical Insurance with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan.

    As you may or may not be aware Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield has had a recent security breach of some personal information.  If you live in or received medical treatment in one of the 14 states listed below it is possible some of your information could have compromised.  Anthem is offering credit monitoring / identity theft repair to members affected by the breach.  See the notice below fromAnthem for details, you will work directly with them to enroll.



    Anthem offers two years of credit monitoring and identity theft repair for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network members affected by the Anthem cyber-attack

    BCBSM and BCN members whose personal information may have been compromised by the cyber-attack against Anthem, can begin to enroll in two years of free credit monitoring and identity theft repair provided by Anthem through AllClear ID. More information about these services is on

    On Feb. 5, 2015, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield – a separate company from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan but one we are affiliated with through the national Blue Cross and Blue Shield system – announced that it was the target of a cyber-attack. The attackers gained unauthorized access to Anthem’s IT system and obtained access to personal information, including names, birthdays, medical IDs and employment information. Some Social Security numbers were also involved. BCBSM systems were not targeted in this cyber attack.

    BCBSM began its own investigation of the incident immediately upon learning of it. We are in the process of identifying BCBSM- and BCN-covered individuals whose information was stored at Anthem. This effort is underway, and we are committed to communicating with affected members through their employers or groups.

    The credit monitoring and identity theft repair are now available free of charge to BCBSM and BCN members who believe they may have be affected.BCBSM or BCN current and former members (2004 on) could have been affected if they live in – or recently traveled to and received health care services – in one of the 14 states where Anthem is a Blue Cross and Blue Shield licensee.

    The following is a list of states where Anthem is a Blue Cross and Blue Shield licensee.

    • California
    • Colorado
    • Connecticut
    • Georgia
    • Indiana
    • New York
    • Ohio
    • Kentucky
    • Maine
    • Missouri
    • Nevada
    • New Hampshire
    • Virginia
    • Wisconsin

    Anthem’s enrollment process will ask a few questions to help it determine whether you may have been affected by the cyber-attack so you can decide if you want the services. The site asks you to verify you are a current or former Anthem member or member of another Blue Cross plan, and asks you to enter your name and email address. A confirmation email will be sent within 72 hours. Separate redemption codes are needed for each family member. For each member, submit a new request with their full name. You may use the same email address for each request. The bottom line is that any of our members who believe they were affected and want the credit monitoring and identity theft repair will get it.

    The free identity services provided by Anthem include:

    • Credit Monitoring: At no cost, members may also enroll in credit monitoring, which alerts consumers when banks and creditors use their identity to open new credit accounts.
    • Identity Theft Repair Assistance: Should a member experience fraud, an investigator will do the work to recover financial losses, restore the member’s credit, and ensure the member’s identity is returned to its proper condition. This assistance will cover any fraud that has occurred since the incident first began.
    • Child Identity Protection: Child-specific identity protection services will also be offered to any members with children insured through their Anthem plan.

    Identity theft repair services are available to members who feel they have experienced fraud. For members who have been impacted by the cyber-attack, these services are automatically available and do not require enrollment. Please visit to learn how to access these services.

    Additional protection is available through credit monitoring services. This requires a member to actively enroll because the member must provide their personal information and consent to have their credit monitored. Members can enroll at any time during the 24-month coverage period, and can learn how to sign up at

    Going online is strongly encouraged, but those who do not have access to the Internet can call Anthem’s established toll-free information number, 1-877-263-7995, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Saturday, to ask for assistance to begin the enrollment process for credit monitoring. The member should receive a reference number from the call center so that AllClear ID can call the member within one to three business days to complete the enrollment process. This is also the number to call to get in touch with an AllClear ID specialist should a member need assistance for identity theft repair.

    BCBSM or BCN members who might have been affected do not have to wait for a letter notification from Anthem in order to enroll in the credit monitoring or to access identity theft repair services.

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