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To All Employees, 

Your Focus On Benefits 2019 booklet is now available!
Health insurance continues to be a challenging issue at the national, state, and local level.  As I’m sure you realize, health insurance costs continue to increase faster than any other expense we incur.  Our own government has publicized data informing us we need to live healthier lifestyles if we want to get the costs under control.  Currently, more than 70% of our health care claims are lifestyle-related.
Super Service continues to believe that a big part of the solution to health care is getting people engaged by taking personal responsibility for their own health and making better health care decisions. The bottom line is, as employee and users of the plan, we need to be part of the solution!
Introducing a Outcome Based Wellness / Health Plan…“Know your Numbers”

  • You will have an opportunity to participate in an FREE confidential onsite Health Risk Screening as part of our future wellness strategies.  The screenings will focus on specific areas that can be influenced and controlled by your lifestyle choices.  “Learn your numbers”.  In the near future monthly health insurance premium incentives based on your results/score will be offered to you. 


  • To ignite your interest, we are excited to be offering you a $30 monthly premium incentive starting in January and lasting the entire 2019 plan year if you are enrolled in the group medical plan.     

The confidential testing offers reward points on these markers;

  • Weight  
  • Blood Pressure  (score well if controlled with your Rx)
  • Cholesterol (score well if controlled with your Rx)
  • Glucose (score well if controlled with your Rx)
  • Triglycerides (score well if controlled with your Rx)
  • Nicotine FREE (Test result shows negative for nicotine)

How Does This New Plan Get Us Engaged?

  • In the long run, if we live healthier lifestyles (eat healthy, exercise, stop smoking, reduce stress levels, etc.) the chance of incurring a chronic illness/disease is reduced, thus, reducing future medical costs.  
  • Now is the time to learn your numbers so when the next round (mid-year 2019) of wellness screening occurs, you will be in a better position to earn important premium reduction incentives.

2019 Open Enrollment Reminders

  • It is very important to be engaged this open enrollment.  Your current elections will NOT be automatically transferred to 2019.  If you wish to retain benefits an election must be made.
  • Watch for additional information on how to complete your enrollment.
  • All eligible employees will have to make an election or waive benefits.
  • Open Enrollment will be held from Tuesday, November 13th – Monday, November 19th to make your elections for 2019.
  • If enrolling spouse/dependents you will be required to submit verification documentation for your spouse/each dependent.  Watch for additional details what documents will be required and how to submit your documents.